Our story

Mayjoy the Perfumer

About the founder

Mayjoy the Perfumer was created by Maurice, and was inspired by the vibrant citizens of the world. Having worked in the fragrance industry most of his career and having travelled extensively both personally and professionally, he has been inspired during his travels by the people he has met and especially by those who embody the spirit of Mayjoy. His fragrances are more than just a traditional perfume, but are made to trigger a memory of a magical place and a shared connection.

Maurice has crafted his initial line of fragrances around the inhabitants of five cities that are close to his heart: Venice, where he grew up; Paris, the centre of the world of fragrances; New York, the city that has his heart; London, where he now lives; and Berlin, a city rich in immense history. Maurice has personally created each scent by blending together essences that capture the soul of each city. We hope you will embrace the magic and mystery of Mayjoy the Perfumer.

Limited Edition Fragrances
The scents of Mayjoy the Perfumer are as unique as each one of our customers. Our fragrances are each limited to one production of 600 bottles each, representing a unique set of characteristics and a blend of notes that will result in a memorable and exclusive experience.